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Would you like to have a beautiful, clean, acne free skin?

We would like to present you the only one, natural and bioactive, pure fish collagen:

Collagen, intensively revitalizing, effectively smoothing your wrinkles and soothing irritations, restoring the skin’s firmness and softness.
The secret of our collagen lies in its unique structure. Never before, anywhere in the world has a biologically active collagen been developed from an alternative source. What is more, this collagen does not lose the triple helix structure and is perfectly identical to its respective human protein. Recent research has shown that fish collagen has an identical amino acid structure to human collagen chains. Further, its molecular structure is small enough to effectively penetrate the epidermis and implement itself into the extracellular space. Given its amazing compatibility with our own collagen, Collagen creates the building blocks for new collagen produced by fibroblasts that bind moisture and lipofilic substances. Independent studies in Poland, USA and France verified results using electron microscopes confirming the increased production of collagen by the fibroblasts. The result is an increase in mucin and derma thickness.

About Collagen:

Collagen is a protein that constitutes about 30% of the total human body protein and as much as 70% of the skin protein. Collagen and elastin form a flexible mesh in the dermis, which adds elasticity and firmness to the dermis itself and also provides support for fibroblasts - stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen individually. Collagen also has an extraordinary ability to bind water, thus influencing proper hydration of the skin. Collagen stimulates regeneration processes, deeply regenerates, rejuvenates, moisturizes and improves the skin texture.

Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue human. In the skin renews itself every 140 -160 days.

Why Our Collagen?
You are getting a unique product in the form of a gel, exclusively derived from the skin of selected salmon from Alaska.
Our collagen is the only product from the collagen gel group, containing highest amounts of pure collagen which retains its properties and spiral structure up to 28 degrees. It contains 88% pure fish collagen from the Alaskan Salmon’s skin.
It is the only 100% natural pure collagen, with organic ingredients with only the addition of lactic acid and water all of which work to enhance the performance of all of our collagen products ( Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream).
• Our Collagen cream contains Collagen which  is not lyophilized but BIOACTIVE, so is able to penetrate the layers of extracellular and reach the dermis where it stimulates the activity of ells.
It does not contain any kind of chemical preservatives ( not even propylene glycol), was not tested on animals, contains no perfumes, fragrances, parabens or dyes and is non-allergenic.

make your skin look smoother, softer and perfectly moisturized
tone, firm and tighten skin

reduce the signs of aging process

improves your eye sight

absorbs very quick making your skin silky to the touch
The invention of the pure collagen from the fish skin is probably the
greatest discovery of the science at the close of the last century.

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  Would you like to:

• diminish your  wrinkles,
• improve your skin's texture,
• remove  dark spots,
• remove dark circles and
• remove puffiness under the eyes,
• remove cellulite or  stretch marks, 
• remove eczema and burns (including grade II B),
 calm down psoriasis and remove even  old scars from your skin?

Pure Collagen is a protein of longevity!