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CyberScan Protocol and Cost

The CyberScan treatment can be done in person using the person's hand, or remotely using a hair sample. Thus anyone, anywhere can do sessions. Each session offers balancing feedback for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the CyberScan cybernetic bioscan can be repeated. To send a sample please ​Buy session online first and we will let you know how to send it.

Cybernetic Biofeedback CYBERSCAN

The Quantum Healing Expansion from Germany.

It is the most advanced technology of its kind, called the CyberScan, and the only device in the world that uses modified Tesla coils to transfer energetic information to the immune system. We combine this advanced technology with variety of supplements to fully integrate the energetic signals into the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. The CyberScan has been used for many years in Europe and is used in 27 countries.

We use state-of-the-art technology, which is consistent with all the laws of physics and, in particular, can be explained by quantum physics.

The Cyberscan is the worlds most powerful Biofeedback cybernetic device from Germany. What the Cyberscan offers is the ability to completely measure the health status of the patient on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. The accuracy and comprehensiveness are second to none in the energetic medicine arena.

The reason that the Cyberscan can do this is because it utilizes proprietary Tesla coil technology and Scalar wave analysis without introducing electromagnetic energy into the patient. Through the comprehensive results the Cyberscan imprints the major balancing frequencies that the patient needs to address their major imbalances into a special isotonic vial. Taken twice a day for two weeks the frequency will gradually awaken the immune system to heal what is out of balance in the patients system. A 6 remedy course for a total of 12 weeks has been shown to clear all or most of most peoples major core imbalances. In more severe cases a once a week course of the scan and remedy is recommended.

In addition to the isotonic remedy Cyberscan will also imprint an eecard with frequencies that neutralize negative EMF frequencies in the environment, harmful geopathic stress and negatice psychic influences. The eecard is placed under the bed at night to help with deep, restful sleep undisturbed by negative frequencies in the environment. One unique aspect about the Cyberscan is that because it measures the morphogenetic field one not be present for the scan. A hair, nail or blood sample will hold the same morphogenetic field as the person. This allows for treating patients at a distance no matter where they are in the world. The results from this method are equally powerful as experienced by thousands of patients.

The cybernetic biofeedback CyberScan device works exclusively with the immune system. Our immune system exists to protect us from all kinds of illnesses. An immune system is disturbed when, for example, it is exposed to electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields, chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, hormones, geopathic stress, radiation or other negative environmental influences.

The CyberScan Professional is a battery-powered biofeedback device.  Patients and practitioners using CyberScan frequencies have reported benefits on all levels of well-being: physical, emotional, and mental.

The goal of CyberScan's physiological balancing treatment in using focused electromagnetic (EM) waves is to stimulate improvement of systemic functions as well as improving stress tolerance levels.

With the CyberScan device we use a specially-designed electronic eeCard to communicate the energetic information to the body's immune system.

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Testimonials: CyberScan North America

I am so happy to have my lifelong heart arrhythmia resolved.  And after only the 4th CyberScan session for something that I have had since childhood and worked on in many ways over the years.  I can now make it up the mountain without stopping, and with no  spiking heart rate.  And my heart feels great.  Thank you!!

Heli, Colorado


My 3 year old son on the spectrum went from non-verbal to verbal after 3 months of Cyberscan sessions. We are blown away.

- R.C., Van Nuys, CA


During the Cyberscan applications, I have specially observed a great deal of fungal infections. Just after the sixth application, I could ingest almost all the foods that were earlier not possible.

-B.K., Australia


Just after the second Cyberscan application, “The tinnitus that bothered me for more than 10 years has disappeared!” Tinnitus has never been previously discussed! After the fourth application, the stomach problems had gone away and from the seventh sessions on he could completely discontinue the antidepressants, the dosage which was being gradually reduced before.

-B.L., Germany


3 months into my Cyberscan sessions, 90% of all of my symptoms from Lyme’s dissipated. Cyberscan is amazing.

-M.S., Palo Alto, CA.


Every time that I have a Cyberscan session, I become more amazed about the its’ accuracy . I am completely astonished about the technology. My insomnia, constipation and others problems have been solved. I am relaxed about my health. I don’t have words to express my gratitude.

- E. Baker, Colombia