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Understanding Hair Analysis:

How to get started?

You can have your hair analysis sample prepared and sent in less than 15 minutes.

1. Ordering your hair analysis kit : 

Please order here 

2. Prepare your hair analysis sample

Prepare a 250 mg sample of hair (one heaping tablespoon, sampled from 4 - 5 areas around the side and the nape of your neck so that it isn't noticeable) and fill out the paperwork we will send you on your e-mail.

3. Send your hair sample along with a paperwork filled.

After you send your sample to the address Pharmacy of Nature 12420 Archer Unit E. Lemont IL.60439,

4. Approximately 14 Days Later ...

Your final results will be sent within hours of it being released from the Lab, approximately 15+ pages of information will be sent as a PDF attachment to your e-mail address. 

Note: If you have booked an appointment with our nutritional consultant to discuss your results and health & vitality objectives, please be prepared for 0.5-1 hour phone call.

Are You Asking Yourself , "Why would I get a Hair Test?"

The Simplest Answer is that in order to achieve your optimal potential for Health & Wellness you will first need to discover what the Root Causes of your Health Symptoms are.

Isn’t that Right?

DISCOVERING what is blocking you from your Healthiest Potential (Root Causes) while being bombarded online by conflicting information that may or may not be related to what you are experiencing (Health Symptoms) makes it extremely difficult to make any progress when you are confused about what steps to take to find Real Answers.

Sick of "The Health Guessing Game"?

Health product labeling Hype, Fads & Prescriptions that only mask symptoms or work for a while but eventually stop being effective don't address the underlying health issue. 

For instance… Chronic Fatigue is a term that is often tossed around loosely on the internet, and if you search online long enough you will encounter THOUSANDS of relevant articles and a bombardment of marketing hype, flashing advertisements and grandiose promises that claim to solve fatigue-related symptoms. 

Yet Chronic Fatigue Symptoms are often cited in thousands of conditions... ranging from the mildest of health issues that can last for just a few days all the way to the severest of Life-Threatening Diseases. The onset of fatigue and dwindling energy levels as the years go by are just the result of a deeper, yet undiscovered problem. 

Because everyone's unique biochemistry, immunity protection, genetic predispositions, environmental contaminations, age, allergies, lifestyle choices, nutritional intake, stresses and other factors are often different then so are their resulting symptoms. One person's FATIGUE is another person's IRRITABILITY.

In a Sea of Bombarding Health Options Which Ones Apply to You?

Hair mineral analysis has become an increasingly popular tool for gaining a deeper understanding into one's health and the nutritional factors that debilitate it. It is probably one of the most efficient ways to determine what Heavy Metal Toxicities, Mineral Deficiencies, and Nutritional Imbalances are in your body. 

Equipped with this new found understanding, Your Hair Analysis Report can now serve as a sign post… providing direction for further investigation into the kinds of health conditions that are common with mineral patterns that are similar to yours. 

Whether or not you are currently experiencing the conditions associated with those patterns or not… Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (HTMA) provides an inexpensive "first step" screening tool that can be used prior to spending money on more expensive diagnostic tests. This saves you time, money and stress as you focus your efforts on the testing tools and treatment options specific to the health conditions common to your type of nutritional profile.

Common Symptoms of Mineral Imbalances Include…

Adrenal Dysfunction
Attention Deficit Syndrome
Autoimmune Disorders
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Brain Fog
Chronic Fatigue
Concentration Problems
Digestive Disturbances
Fluctuating Energy Levels
Food Intolerances

Hair Loss
Headaches & Migraines
Heart Problems
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Kidney Stones
Learning Disabilities
Muscle Weakness
Skin Conditions
Thyroid Issues
Weight Problems
AND Much more…

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Mineral Deficiency have been linked to many degenerative diseases like Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and More. The list continues to expand every year as the scientific community continues to take notice of the Nutritional Relationships between various mineral patterns and the Modern Health Conditions that didn't even exist several generations ago.

Where Did All of These New Diseases Suddenly Come From?

The dramatic increase in reported incidences of many of today's so-called, "Incurable diseases" can be directly compared (and analyzed) alongside the increasing rise of Toxic Contamination in our Environment. 

These correlations are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore as more and more people continue to become sick from ingesting the environmental pollution which results in the Toxic Accumulation in our bodies. 

For conditions where Hereditary Predisposition is at the root cause of the disease… then at the very least heavy metals, mineral deficiencies and nutritional imbalances are being discovered to be major contributing factors for the Intensity of Symptoms that are often experienced.

Why Analyze Your Mineral & Nutrient Levels?

The importance of a healthy balance of macro and trace elements in your body is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the most fundamental requirements for optimum health & vitality. 

Their functions range from providing support for the formation of teeth and bones, to maintaining nerve conduction, enzyme functions and muscle contraction. Some minerals are key contributors to hundreds of biochemical processes, Essential for LIFE. 

Thousands of biochemical reactions ultimately control your Metabolism, Digestion and the Regeneration of bodily tissues. The majority of these chemical reactions depend on certain trace nutrients for their biological activity and efficiency. 

The connection between minerals and health is gaining recognition by top experts from many health professions. Their involvement in the prevention of cancer, degenerative diseases, aging and even your emotional state is being extensively studied and proven to be fundamental for optimal health.

Using Hair Analysis for Heavy Metals

Further complicating the matter is the fact that even though many Essential Minerals are necessary for health and vitality, excessive accumulation can prove disastrous. For instance, both Iron and Copper… although considered vital for many metabolic functions can also accumulate in the body to the point of toxicity. 

Heavy metals, are called so because their Higher Atomic Weight in relation to other Minerals which means they can actually displace many of the lighter, essential elements that are critical for numerous biological functions. 

Vital organs and bodily processes are then compromised, which in turn makes them function less efficiently and even Degenerate as they do not have the essential minerals to do what they should be doing correctly. Heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium are both deadly and common as they are ever present in our environment. 

Toxic poisons accumulate in our bodies and interfere with the way Minerals and Vitamins are utilized. This disturbs healthy metabolic functioning and creates various degrees of disease in your body. 

As an example, Lead and Cadmium have been shown to be antagonistic towards essential minerals such as Calcium. Excessive levels of Lead or Cadmium can Sequester Within Bone Tissue, antagonistically PURGING CALCIUM FROM YOUR BONES! 

This in turn weakens the integrity of your bone structure and connective tissues because both Lead and Cadmium have NO real biological value in supporting the processes involved in proper Bone Health like Calcium does. 

Many years later, this toxic accumulation develops into mineral imbalances that in turn develop into Arthritis,Osteoporosis and many Degenerative Joint Conditions.

Why Not Test Blood or Urine Instead?

There are several fundamental differences… 

Urine Testing 
Measures the amount of minerals that are EXCRETED, not what is being absorbed or stored by the body. 

Blood Testing 
Measures the amount of minerals that are being absorbed and are TEMPORARILY IN CIRCULATION before they are excreted or stored. 

Compared to the above two testing methods, hair analysis offers a number of distinct advantages in determining mineral status. 

Hair is a fairly slow growing tissue, so there are no fluctuations in mineral levels in the body. For instance, if you ate Several Bananas before having a Blood Test, then your Potassium blood serum levels may report as being high for that day. 

But if you return to your Health Practitioner's Office the next day but decided to skip your Banana Breakfast… then your blood Potassium may report as normal. A professionally performed hair analysis is very different in this regard as it accurately reflects the Storage Level of Minerals in your body, rather than just what is currently being transported in your blood. 

With hair analysis an Average is Measured over a longer period of time, (up to 3 months or hair growth) which when sampling the portion closest to your scalp serves as a better indicator of both Long Term Exposures that are incrementally excreted through the Hair Tissue and your current Dietary Habits. This is in complete contrast to diagnostic tools that report on what your body has been exposed to over recent days. 

After all, a critical component for optimizing your nutritional condition is finding out what your body has been Utilizing, Metabolizing and Storing within Body Tissues, not only what is being ELIMINATED. This information can help you to find out what is aggravating difficult health symptoms so that you can create a effective Blue Print for Reclaiming Your Health and Vitality.

The Criticisms of Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Hair mineral analysis has been accepted as an effective tissue for the biological monitoring of Toxic Heavy Metals by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and as such has gained acceptance worldwide. 

Even though hair analysis as both a Diagnostic & Screening Method has been performed for over 40 years, it still receives criticism from people who see it as too new, and therefore more research would be required to prove its accuracy. 

The reality however, is that Laboratory Procedures across a broad spectrum of Health Related Testing Technologies have made staggering advancements in recent decades, as have many modern technologies that we have come to embrace as essential for our modern lifestyle requirements. Advances in all areas of Modern Laboratory Testing Systems are directly comparable to advancements in computer hardware and information technology. 

Most criticisms that still circulate are from more than 25 years ago, from outdated information that has absolutely nothing to do with the modern procedures required by any ETHICAL, and REPUTABLE laboratory to become Federally Licensed. 

In many ways, it would be like comparing a 8-Track Player to a MP3 player, iPod or even a iPad ! Today's testing instruments are far more advanced than the equipment that was in use 25 years ago. 

Recently, our Lab Services Provider celebrated 32 years of service providing Doctors and Health Workers of many specialties spanning 46 countries worldwide. In fact the total number of HTMA's done worldwide recently surpassed ONE MILLION… and continues to grow by thousands every month!

Are All Hair Analysis Laboratories Created Equally?

Sadly no. 

Despite the accelerating Adoption & Credibility of Hair Mineral Analysis by an increasing number of Qualified Health Professionals Worldwide, care should still be taken to choose the best hair analysis laboratory services available. All reputable laboratories are Licensed and Certified by State and Federal regulatory agencies. The validity of hair analysis testing has continued to grow, with organizations like the EPA and Allopathic and Naturopathic Health Professionals coming to rely on hair analysis testing to provide deeper insight and support when helping their patients to achieve their health objectives. 

Because quality and accuracy are important… we have chosen to have all of our hair samples analyzed by one of the most distinguished and well respected labs in the country. 

Numerous studies have shown that washing hair samples at the lab will often erratically effect the accuracy of results by washing out the Water Soluble Elements. 

A 2001 study in the Journal of the AMA (Seidel, S. et al., Assessment of Commercial Laboratories Performing Hair Mineral Analysis, JAMA, 285(1) Jan 3:67-72.) shows that only two laboratories did not wash the hair samples. Ours is one of them, which the study goes on to explain that the results our lab reported were the most accurate and showed the highest degree of reliability. 

After all, if you can't get reliable and accurate results ... then Why Are You Getting a Hair Analysis?

Beyond Hair Analysis… the Road to Health & VitalityThe real value that comes from a professionally provided Hair Analysis Test is when it has been properly interpreted and understood by You and your Qualified Health Professional. (preferably both) 

Then… to have the information applied for a action plan that adheres to a scientific process that combines several screening, diagnostic & investigative tools to provide you with a arsenal of knowledge to turn the tide on the battle against debilitating conditions related to Environment Toxicity. 

Colorful charts and graphs mean very little without an health plan and objective for getting the most out of your Hair Analysis Results. 

Your Hair Analysis Test Kit:
–37 Toxic, Essential and Additional Elements Tested: 

Arsenic,Beryllium,Cobalt,Potassium,Bismuth,Strontium,Zirconium, Cadmium, Uranium,Iron,Selenium,Germanium,Thallium, Lead, Calcium,Magnesium,

Sodium,Lithium, Tin, Mercury,Copper,Manganese,Sulfur,Nickel,Titanium,Aluminum,Boron,Molybdenum,Zinc,Platinum,Tungsten,Antimony,Chromium,

–15+ Pages of Laboratory Interpretation Included
Full Color Graphs & Mineral Ratios - Mineral levels and relationships that when abnormal can affect vital biochemical processes.
Metabolic Type Section - Effects of results in relation to nutrient absorption, excretion, utilization & incorporation into body tissues.
Nutrient Mineral Levels Section - Nutritional mineral levels that reveal moderate or significant deviations from normal.
Nutrient Mineral Ratios Section - Abnormal balances between minerals that affect vital biochemical processes.
Toxic Metal Levels Section - Heavy metal accumulations that could affect healthy organ functioning and vital metabolic processes.
Toxic Metal Ratios Section - Protective elements in relation to heavy metals to determine individual susceptibility to toxicity symptoms.
Dietary Suggestions Section - Suggestions for increasing, moderating, reducing or avoiding foods that may hinder your health and wellness goals.
Trends - Potential health conditions for investigation, that are often related to the specific mineral imbalances discussed in your report.
Health Program Section - To help you re-establish a normal nutritional balance through individually designed dietary and supplemental suggestions.
More - For further investigation your report may cover possible food allergies, digestive issues, adrenal gland functioning, thyroid gland functioning and other vitamin and nutrient recommendations.

Hair Analysis Kit you can get at our pharmacy of nature store at 12420 Archer Unit E, Lemont IL.60439 or you can order it onlineand send us your hair sample. For more information please call us at 630 755 4359.

Our primary focus is in helping our Clients to achieve their optimum health potential by supporting them with the additional insight and tools they need for their unique Dietary, Lifestyle and Healing requirements.