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Essential Oil Treatment for Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites live in more than just the tropics, and can have long-term effects on health, energy levels, weight & more.
Essential oils help eliminate parasites.
Travelers visiting tropical countries are often warned not to drink the local water because they might contract some form of intestinal
parasite that could give them stomach aches, diarrhea, or other digestive symptoms. But these kinds of bugs are a worldwide problem
affecting both humans and animals, and they can cause short-term and long-term symptoms.

What are Intestinal Parasites?

Parasites is a general term for all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and worms that colonize the intestine and steal nutrients from their host, while
excreting wastes that can be toxic. Different types of intestinal parasites are prevalent around the world, making it likely that most people
will be infected at some point in their lives.Some parasitic worms cause only occasional symptoms of fatigue or digestive upset, while
others such as Cryptosporidium cause chronic, violent diarrhea, dehydration, unhealthy weight loss and other related problems. Gas,
bloating, weakness, cramping, irregular bowel movements, nausea, and absorption problems can all be parasite symptoms.In children,
internal parasites can cause fatigue, stomach aches and stunted growth compared to other normal children in their age group. Natural Parasite Cleanse with Essential OilsHerbs have been used to kill and discourage parasitic worms for thousands of years, and essential oils are the most potent form of any herb. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy for their fragrance, but they have medicinal qualities that go beyond the aroma. They are rich in chemicals that boost immune health while killing pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms.The oils can be applied directly to the abdomen as a daily routine to eliminate parasites or as needed to relieve stomach discomfort or intestinal symptoms. It's also possible to use the purest, therapeutic quality essential oils internally, taken in hot water, soy milk, or swallowed in capsules. Timed release capsules that dissolve in the intestine are especially effective.

Caution:Only certain grades of essential oil are safe to use internally or on the body. See The Real Quality of Essential oils for important safety information and consult a health care professional before using any parasite treatment or supplement. This article is intended for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Choosing Essential Oils to Treat Colon Parasites. Although many essential oils are effective in fighting off bacteria and other intestinal bugs, the oils that are most effective include:

Blending several of these essential oils will usually prove more helpful than any single oil alone.Blends: Di-Gize, Thieves, Para Free caps.(you can find them in our store)
Acidity may also be a factor, so eating a diet that will balance the body ph may help prevent parasitic infections. Healthy intestinal flora, such as acidophilus, can also be helpful in deterring intestinal bugs.How to balance the body's PH?
The human body has a normal "healthy" range for pH, but the balance of acid and alkali "ash" foods in the diet can affect health and almost every chronic condition.A relatively recent concept in the field of natural healthcare, the pH or acid-alkali balance of the body has an impact on almost every aspect of well-being and health. Acidity is a major factor in congestion and inflammation, weakens the immune system and aggravates most chronic conditions. Body pH is affected by what we eat and is key in preventative medicine.

What is pH?

pH is the scientific term representing level of acidity. It is a calculation based on the concentration of hydrogen (“H” or “H+”) ions present in a liquid. The pH scale runs from 1 (or lower, for extremely strong acids) to 14

7 is neutral pH (neither acid nor alkali);
•pH under 7 is acid;
•pH over 7 is alkaline

Water is generally considered safe to drink so long as the pH is between 5 and 9.The human body operates within a normal, “safe” pH range. Within that range, however, there can be some change due to diet and stress factors. When pH is at the acidic end of the safe range, the body becomes more inviting to viruses and bacteria as well as more vulnerable to mucus, congestion, and other chronic or “mysterious” recurring health issues such as sore throat, persistent headaches, cold and flu, fatigue, gout, chronic pain and achiness or arthritis. 

What Makes the Body Acidic?

Most scientific models conceive the ideal pH of the human body as 7.4, slightly alkaline, although hair, skin, and saliva are all normally acidic.Internal biochemical factors can combine to alter pH, but in most cases it is dietary factors that imbalance the pH of the human body. Every food has a specific impact on the pH of the body, due the pH of that food’s “ash.”Acid Ash and Alkali AshIf you’re thinking that acidic foods like coffee, oranges, vinegar and lemons make the body acidic, you’re right in part, although it’s not quite so simple.Almost every food we consume enters the body as an acidic substance. Yet many foods have the ability to increase alkalinity by absorbing or neutralizing acidity.Lemons, in particular, are remarkably able to balance the pH of the body. They enter the body as an acid – but through the digestive process, are transformed into an alkali-ash food, so named because the process of digestion is similar to combustion. When lemon juice is “burned” or digested, the product is an “alkali ash.”

The impact of a food on the pH of the human body is due not to its original chemical composition, but its acid or alkali ash.

Foods that Promote Acidity and AlkalinityAcid-forming or Acid-ash Foods & Substances: AVOID

Sweet foods
Coffee & Tea (black, green)
Animal products
Pharmaceutical drugs

Acid-binding or Alkali-ash Foods & Substances: INCREASE
apple cider vinegear (the exception)
Most vegetables and vegetable juices
Most spices and essential oils

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