The curling should be one continuous motion, not jerky, with medium to heavy pressure being placed on the contact point. Never press and hold while performing this technique.This may be done several times on the same spot to obtain the desired result. Some leverage can be achieved by placing the thumb of the same hand around to the other side of the foot or hand on which the Vita Flex is being performed. This allows the hand to operate in a fashion similar to a pipe wrench, which increases pressure on the pipe as it is twisted. 

Key Principles

1.To reduce any discomfort, fingernails should be cut and filed short. Remove all jewelry and watches to prevent interference of energy.
2. Always drop the oils into your non-dominant hand and use the dominant hand to stir the oils clockwise three times before application. This method will increase the electrical frequency of the oils and significantly improve the results. To prevent contamination of the oils, do not touch the top of the bottle with any parts of your body.
3. Put a drop of White Angelica on each of your shoulders to protect yourself against any negative energies from the person you are working on.
4. Always start at the bottom of the feet. Put three to six drops of Valor on the bottom of each foot. Some may be applied to the brain stem if desired. Hold the bottom of the feet with your hands; right hand to right foot, left hand to left foot. Continue holding the feet until you feel the body's energy balance. This usually feels like an energy pulse beating in both feet. Another way to balance, which may be preferable by some, is to put one drop of Valor on the wrists and hold the wrists crossed together for a few minutes, until you feel a pulse in the tips of the thumb and index finger.
5. Use the Vita Flex Charts to determine where the oils should be place during the therapy. One to three drops of oil may be applied to the specific Vita Flex Points of the foot. Vita Flex Point on the hand can be used as an alternative to extremely sensitive or sore feet. Apply the oil(s).
6.Apply the Vita Flex technique as follows

The Vita Flex Technique is a superior form of Reflexology. Reflexology, as used today, has a tendency to ground out electrical charge from the constant compression and rotation, which causes cell separation, loss of oxygen to sub-dermal tissue and further injury. With the Vita Flex technique, people experience less discomfort.

Using the thumb and all four fingers, the application is much more efficient. There are more than 5000 Vita Flex points throughout the body (in the complete system as developed by Stanley Burroughs) in comparison to the 365 acupuncture used in reflexology.. With Vita Flex, the weakened or injured areas are corrected on reflected points, thereby preventing further injury.

Vita Flex therapy is based on a small part of a complete system, developed by Stanley Burroughs during a period of over 50 years of research and application. Vita Flex uses the reflex system of internal body controls to release tensions, congestions and mal-adjustments. When properly applied through specific application of hand rotation movements and control points, a vibrational healing energy is released along the neuro-electrical pathways to an exact point.



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This healing energy is created by the contact between the fingertips and the reflex contact points. The resulting spark of energy follows the neuro pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit. Upon reaching the break, any necessary changes are made automatically.

This technique is believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago, long before acupuncture was ever discovered. Combining the electrical frequency of essential oils and that of the person receiving the treatment creates rapid and phenomenal results. "Vita Flex" is derived from the term "vitality through the reflexes" and is a complete, workable system which, when combined with the healing properties of essential oils, can release an unlimited healing power.

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