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DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography) is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualize and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are visualized in color on a monitor.

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Heart & Artery Screening

Do you have unexplainable sweating?
Do you feel out of breath for no explainable reasons?
Does your heart race for no reason?
Do you have diabetes?
Is your body handling mental and physical stresses effectively?
Do you have or are aware you have arrhythmia?
These are just a few of symptoms / conditions  of a candidate for heart and artery disease. It may exist either now or develop in the near future. It's bad if you're in this situation. The good news: heart diseases are reversible. It becomes more difficult to reverse if you let the condition linger on and not address it. Take 10 minutes out of your time and see if your heart and arteries are at risk. Take advantage of this new service now offered at "Pharmacy of Nature". Stop ignoring the symptoms and/or worrying if you have heart and artery disease. Take a quick test now! (FDA Approved).The test results will either put you mind at ease that your heart is not at risk, or steps to  take to correct the heart issues before you end up having stents or heart surgery. The report shows:
*how hard your heart is compressing
*how much blood is left for the heart when at rest
*artery elasticity
*mental and physical stress levels
*body's resistance to stress .....

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​​​zyto BALANCE test

Using the Zyto Balance technology it creates a report allowing us to find the right products to help you bring your body back into balance , allowing self healing.The Zyto Balance scanning addresses about 200 biomarkers in the body through the hand and shows which Designs for Health  products your body desires to use. Also shows what are the worst outside influences on our systems and which organs need help the most. It is a helpful way to target the products most beneficial for you. Learn what Designs for Health products your body desires, start using them, and experience the results! Take the guesswork out of supplements and essential oils. This scan is fast and efficient , takes about 10 minutes! Comments we have heard from customers have been, “Well, this really sounds like me!” and “Wow! This is so helpful!” “Man that really hit it on the head” and “Since I started using the products recommended by the Zyto Scan I feel great.”  read more


We offer any professional ultrasound to fulfill your needs: ECHO, Abdomen, Renal, Renal Artery, ABD, AAA, Arterial, Venous Duplex, Carotid Duplex, Pelvic, Endo vaginal, Thyroid, Scrotum, Prostate, Breast, OB. With a new technology and very affordable prices you can screen your body . Insurance accepted. Call for prices.

Are you griefing?

JoAnn Michalik is a certified Grief Coach.  She helps anyone with any type of loss move forward and begin to heal.  A type of loss could be a pet, loss of a job, life style change, and most devastating loss of a loved one.  JoAnn specializes in Parents who have lost a child.  In Grief it is essential to express emotions…  She uses Essential Oils as one tool to help.  JoAnn has many Journey Back to Joy programs that she customizes for each patients needs.  She works one on one with clients either in person or over the phone.
JoAnn also has Grief Support Groups if you feel more comfortable in a group setting. She speaks about Grief at various organizations.  Working one on one with patients  is the most beneficial as she listens and do not Judge.  All information is kept strictly confidential. 

She is  a caring nurturing Coach and her  passion is helping others through this Grief Journey, as no one should have to go at it alone. Please call to schedule your free consultation now at 630-755-4359 

Color Therapy

Using Bioptron Light

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is a worldwide patented light therapy medical device with a specific optical unit emitting light that is similar to the part of the electromagnetic spectrum produced naturally by the sun but with no UV radiation. BIOPTRON Light Therapy can act in a natural way by supporting the regenerative and rebalancing capacities of the body and therefore help the body release its own healing potential. Once delivered to the tissues, the light energy promotes the process of biostimulation (which means that it stimulates diverse biological processes in organisms in a positive manner and thereby enhances body functions).

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